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Community Support for Heartwood

We are humbled by the support we receive from our community here in Gainesville. The list of people to thank is quite long, and here we are pleased to acknowledge a special group: our Friends of Heartwood Producers, listed at right. These people and organizations recognize the magic that happens here at Heartwood, and we are grateful for their significant contributions to our efforts in bringing the best in both rising and well-established artists to Heartwood.

If you’d like to support a particular show at Heartwood or bring an artist you love here, or feature your company as a supporter of great art in a great community, we have different levels of producer sponsorships available. Join the ranks of these individuals and organizations who have pledged support to Heartwood. Call us at 352-448-4849 to discuss.

If you would like to join the Friends of Heartwood as a Sustaining Member, you can make a monthly or yearly contribution that comes with a few perks, along with the knowledge that you are supporting the music and the community at Heartwood Soundstage.

Pure Energy Solar (Wayne Irwin)

Gainesville Music History Foundation, Inc.

McGurn Investment Company (Ken and Linda McGurn)

Renasant Bank (Kevin Brown)

HUB International/Scarborough Insurance (Brian Scarborough)

Lassiter-Ware Insurance (Eric Hendrickson)

James Moore and Co. (Ken Kurdziel)

Florida Pension Group (Troy Tummond)

Alta Systems. Inc. (Rick Nesbit)



Doran Oster
Jeff Goldstein
David and Vicki Evans
Stephen Langer and Gail Greenhut
Ryan Frankel
Alan Hill
Susan and Chico Chocola
Michael Beasley
Carmen Harris
Sidney & Lainey Bertisch
Charles Hobson
Daniel Lyons
Levi Wilder
Richard Allen
Bill Bryson
Juan Calama
Dan Spiess
Elizabeth Severance
David and Vicki Evans
Tom Foster
Gail Greenhut
Dave Johnson
Barbara Kemper-Spiess
Ken Kurdziel
Eric Lassiter
Earl and Mari Robbins
Susan Shure
Michael Tubbs
Wes Wheeler
Jeff Wade
Perrin Perriman.