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Audio and Video Production

Heartwood is a full-service recording studio and video production house. Our engineers have worked with all genres of music and have recorded and produced hundreds of albums. Heartwood incorporates the lessons learned from over 100 years of our accumulated experience staging, producing, recording, mixing, and performing music.

Our staff is passionate about great music that is mixed and recorded with precision, allowing dynamics and nuance in both performance and recording. Plus we treat musicians the way we’d like to be treated when we are in the artists’ head space of preparing for a perfect performance. The best performances come from musicians who can hear themselves on stage like never and nowhere before, who can make a powerful connection with an audience, and who appreciate being appreciated.

Heartwood Studios provides tracking, mixing, mastering. Three live rooms and generously sized control room provide a unique atmosphere for your creative process. We can record 32 simultaneous channels through our Avid S3 mixer, and we use both ProTools and Logic digital audio workstations. Our microphone and signal processing inventory includes some of the finest modern and vintage gear, including the rare Nordic microphone line. Monitoring is through the “beautifully honest” Amphion speaker system.