Booking & Rental

Booking and Renting Heartwood

Heartwood was built by musicians for musicians. Some of the Heartwood team have been performing for over 50 years, more than enough time to learn what a quality venue should offer. Heartwood is a live performance space that lives inside a full-service audio and video production facility. In addition to being a great place for your show, your band can walk out with a high-end multitrack recording of your performance, synced to a multi-camera video production. Come back for post-production and come away with your next album and a full concert video of your band, much of which can be financed with the revenue from your performance.  It’s a rewarding and efficient way to make your next hit record and video. If you would like to inquire about producing a show or booking a concert or a recording session, please push the button below and fill out the form so we can learn a bit about your band or your organization. Specifications

Heartwood’s listening room is acoustically designed to provide the highest quality audio environment for both the audience and the musicians. The room is sound proofed, with precision designed diffusers, bass traps, and absorbers to create a great sounding room. Dimensions & Capacity: Listening room: 40 ft x 34 ft; this space holds 135 seats with another 50 in the two lounges. Stage:  30 ft x 15 ft. Load-in: Weather-proof, ramped load in through a stage door under a covered roof. Roll up a ramp onto the stage Green room: Includes couch, refrigerator, storage area, private bath with shower Audio & Video: View a complete list of audio and video gear on the Production page.

The drawing at right shows the layout of Heartwood. Audience members enter through the lounges at left, and the band loads in through the entrance at right. The live room mix position is shown toward the back of the room, and the control room’s position allows for a separate mix for video production and live-streaming.