TPW23 Hotel Room



All taxes and fees are included in price.

Hyatt Place  
 4 blocks from venue


(Same Price Each Night and Different Room Type Price)

2 Queen  $211.25 Any Night

Two Nights $422.50

Three Nights $633.75

Four Nights $845


King      198.75         $795 for 4 nights

Two Nights $397.50 

Three Nights $596.25

Four Nights $795


The Hampton  6 blocks from venue

2 Queens  or King ( Price Depends on Day Same Price per type)


Thurs               Fri              Saturday          Sunday

$186.25      $228.75    $236.25        $148.75          exactly $800 for 4 nights


Additional information

Hotel Name

Hampton Inn, Hyatt

Day of Stay

Thursday, Thursday-Friday, Thursday-Saturday, Thursday-Sunday, Friday, Friday-Saturday, Friday-Sunday, Saturday, Saturday-Sunday, Sunday

Room Type

King, Double Queen