The Heartwood Difference

The Heartwood Pledge: WE ARE YOUR DREAM GIG. That’s because the people who designed and built Heartwood are musicians, too. We know all too well the occasional challenges presented by some performance venues. Here is what makes Heartwood so unique:

  • The big one: sound quality. Even the super groups who travel with 11 semi trailers packed full of the greatest sound gear ever still have to contend with the dreadful acoustics of huge arenas. The rest of us also have to contend with not only poor acoustics in many venues, but marginal equipment, noisy environments, or the owner’s son’s first day mixing sound. Worst, it’s often difficult to hear yourself clearly in the monitors, or to hear other musicians well enough, and you’re spending all your energy trying to hear and be heard. These things are secondary to music performance and should be effortlessly delivered on your behalf, freeing you to do the all important service of delivering a dynamic, nuanced performance.
    You gotta hear it at Heartwood: After years of working in studio control rooms with complete control over audio in a great listening environment, we set out to translate that experience into our live performance listening room. We took the combined experience of our partners in acoustic design, mixing, wiring, and construction and applied it to a solution. The house sound system is fabulous, featuring Danley Lab synergy horns and a Danley subwoofer. The house mixing console is a Midas M32. We offer an array of stage microphones, from the usual complement of SM58s to Neumann KMS-84 vocal mics. The stage monitoring system affords each musician complete control over every mix element, played back through a great-sound QSC K12 monitor. The staff sound, light, and video crew at Heartwood all have many years of experience with stage and studio work.
  • Musician appreciation. We treat you the way we want to be treated. That includes providing a green room with private bath and shower. More importantly, we offer an unmatched opportunity for you to connect with the people who really matter, your current and future fans. Because Heartwood will showcase your performance like never before, your audience will hear you at your best. Shows at Heartwood are attended by people who prize a great listening experience and know Heartwood and its artists will deliver one. Most performances end in a standing ovation.
  • Recording and streaming options. In the YouTube era, having a great video is an invaluable asset to booking and growing and retaining a happy fan base. Heartwood offers a unique and cost-effective means to create a high-quality video in front of an enthusiastic audience. The audio comes from a separate mix done in our control room, not a feed from the live mixing board. This mix is monitored and mixed in isolation from the stage sound, representing and preserving a truer picture of the performance. Tracks are recorded separately to allow post-performance tweaking of individual parts and the overall mix. We add a pair of stereo ambient microphones to the mix as needed to capture audience response and add warmth.For video, we shoot anywhere from three to six cameras, which are all fed to a central editing station, where a live editor chooses the camera angle and directs camera people via headset. The studio-quality audio and video program are fed to monitors throughout Heartwood, delivering great sound and picture to our lounge and patio seating areas. This program can also be streamed via the web, creating another revenue stream with a potential world-wide audience. At the end of the night, as the audience files out, we immediately begin playback of the recorded performance. We can provide this recording to the artist, plus we offer the opportunity to do further post production work on songs that merit attention. Each camera’s footage is recorded separately, and is each audio track.
  • Logistics. Load in is a breeze at Heartwood. There is a separate, weather-protected loading entrance that opens to a ramp that is a short roll to the stage.