Heartwood Music Fest 2019 Vendor Form

Hi everyone! Heartwood Soundstage is getting ready to host the annual Heartwood Music Fest Last year’s party was a huge success and our expectations are that this year will be even better. We need our vendors to help make this weekend a memorable one for all. Please take a moment to look over the information and get back to us as soon as possible so we can secure your spot. 

  • Applications will be reviewed and decisions will be made to ensure we are not over run with any one item, making it fair for everyone.
  • Limited Food Trucks will be included. Please provide a copy of your food license.
  • Please send photos or web links with representations of merchandise.
  • Booth tenders will be  receive  2 tickets per merchandise booth, 4 tickets per food truck .
  • Parking passes and tickets will be with your welcome package, please let us know if you do not need the extra tickets, we have to monitor them closely.
  • Heartwood Soundstage reserves the right to refuse the sale of any item at said show. 
  • Tent spaces for merchandise vendors is 10×10 excluding food tucks.

Vendor Fees:

Food Trucks:        $75

Merchandise Vendor: $50 

Extra tickets for booth workers: $15.00

Payment to be made with submission of application.

Any questions or concerns please contact:

Lynne Ellison

Heartwood Soundstage



Heartwood Music Fest 2019 Vendor Form